Neck massager, massage gun, neck and shoulder massager


First of all, we all know the efficacy of the fascia gun. The fascia gun can greatly improve the recovery efficiency of massage and stretching muscle tissue, saving time, effort and money. First, let's know the efficacy of the fascia gun.

Nowadays, more and more white-collar workers, blue collar workers and the elderly at home will use the fascia gun and gradually enter our daily life. But do you know what should be paid attention to when using the fascia gun so that the fascia gun can better serve us?

It can effectively relieve people's fatigue in sports, daily life and work.

It can consume fat and discharge heat energy; It can help you relax and reduce discomfort.

For athletes, the fascia gun can help us improve the exercise effect and speed up recovery.

1. It is not recommended to use the joint, which is easy to cause joint damage

2. Not recommended for external trauma

3. Pregnant women and infants are not recommended to use it, and teenagers should use it under the guidance of professionals

4. The head, neck, chest, abdominal cavity, armpit and other sensitive and vulnerable areas cannot be used

5. It is recommended to use for 8-10min

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