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Tens Unit

SKG is a professional and biggest TENS Unit manufacturer and TENS Unit supplier, as a successful brand in this field, we manufacture the best quality TENS Unit both in design and technology, wearing our TENS Unit and looks fashionable, and take care of your neck health in best technology.
We have many styles of TENS Unit, it’s classic, noble, high elastic, shining colorful, supper lightweight, simple and intelligent, various method of operation such operate by remote control, directly on protruded button response with voice reading, unique rotating adjuster button is our specialty, bluetooth connected with APP and smart controlled on mobile phone, we adopt most new advanced technology and registered hundreds of patents to make our products as unique design in market, we sell more than 4 million sets of our TENS Unit annually in Chinese market, domain more than 70% of market sale, we have more than 30 B2C online retail stores, more than 6,000 offline retail stores all cross China. 
As a global TENS Unit manufacturer, our factory is ISO 9001, ISO13458 and BSCI certified, our products have FCC, CE, ROHS, BS BQB, PSE, SIG certificates, our 4098 model TENS Unit is the 1st TENS TENS Unit have FDA 510K certificate, we OEM for many global brands like SHARPER IMAGE,Quantum,MYTREX, BELULU etc, exported to many countries like US, Canada, France, Korea, Japan etc.
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Wholesale Tens Unit made in China from SKG,we have full certificates like FDA 510K, CE certificate, FCC,CB,PSE,BQB SIG etc, as the leading manufacturer and supplier in market, we can customized our Tens Unit according to your requirement under your brand name, we’re the best to design products at good fashion and newest styles, if you’re interested in our high quality products, please feel free to contact us by email, and you are welcome to visit our factory.