About us

Our Group was established on 2007.Our products include neck massager, massage gun, neck and shoulder massager.We’re the top 1 brand and leading manufacturer in wearable healthcare products, base on our principle of making every our products to be the most advanced technology, top 1 manufacturing quality and fashionable looks brings to our customers, we hire several young stars to represent our brand, post advertisements in airport, elevator TV ads in major cities, more than 30 online stores and 6,000 offline retail stores all across China, we can sell more than 4 million sets of products in market, domain more than 70% of market sales.
We have more than 1,000 workers and employees, include around 180 R&D teams, factory covers 20,000 square meters, and ISO9001, ISO13456, BSCI certified.
Our products range: TENS&EMS neck massager, Eye massager, muscles massage gun, EMS&TENS products, portable massager.
We issue at least 5 new products per year.
We have around 900 patents for our designs.


    SKG's new eye massager can effectively reduce eye fatigue, relax eye muscles, improve sleep quality, reduce headaches and puffy eyes, etc. And our eye vibration massager is suitable for many people: Adolescents who overuse mobile phones or tablets, which cause eye fatigue or myopia; office worker...

  • W7 2.0 lower back massage belt with heating for pain relief

    W7 2.0 lower back massage belt with heating for pain relief is 3rd generation, improved and upgraded model in order to solve some issues, it’s very different from previous version.

  • Fashionable TENS neck massager

    As leading company specialized in developing and manufacturing healthcare fitness products, we always invent the leading technology, best innovation and manufacture in highest quality products deliver to our customers.

  • SKG New Heated Knee Massage Wrap

    Heated Knee Massage Wraper Product Model: SKG Knee Massager W3Pro Product Positioning: A Knee massager with all-round knee protection USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Vibration Massage, Hot Compress, More Techniques Product Color: Silver Applicable Scenarios: Home Relaxation , Relax before Bed...


For inquiries about neck massager, massage gun, neck and shoulder massager or price list, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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