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Scalp Massager

Were biggest lifestyle portable massager factory, scalp massager manufacturer, we always have best technology for our design in this field, high quality and fashionable design, our electric scalp massager is new series in 2021, our first model BC3 is simple smooth shape looks in light gray color, our special point is silicone band on top, easy to grab and handle the product.

As our first electric scalp massager, we adopt imported motor silver palladium 50 material, 3 class shift gear box provide precise speed and strength, six electronic brush motion ensure stable and low noise level, 4 massage claws with 86 tiny poles squeeze head scalp to center to relax head in best way, 3 modes with precise speed and strength, IPX7 water proof can be used as a hair washing brush, place the scalp massager on recharge tray prevent from damaging the soft massage claws, recharge the device on tray via type-C port, our electric scalp massager is light weighted and cordless, it can be used during work, at home, before sleep.

As a global Eye Massager manufacturer, our factory is ISO 9001, ISO13458 and BSCI certified, our products have FCC, CE, ROHS, BS BQB, PSE, SIG certificates, we OEM for many global brands like SHARPER IMAGE,Quantum,MYTREX, BELULU etc, exported to many countries like US, Canada, France, Korea, Japan etc..


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Wholesale Scalp Massager made in China from SKG,we have full certificates like FDA 510K, CE certificate, FCC,CB,PSE,BQB SIG etc, as the leading manufacturer and supplier in market, we can customized our Scalp Massager according to your requirement under your brand name, we’re the best to design products at good fashion and newest styles, if you’re interested in our high quality products, please feel free to contact us by email, and you are welcome to visit our factory.