Fashionable TENS neck massager


As leading company specialized in developing and manufacturing healthcare fitness products, we always invent the leading technology, best innovation and manufacture in highest quality products deliver to our customers.
After years of effort, we’re in top rank in this field, registered 1,500+ patents, annual sale volume is more than 2 million sets of our products, domain 60%+ of market sale, we’re best seller in Chinese market, and now we’re expanding our business in overseas markets, more and more off line retail shops are being opened.
Fashionable TENS neck massager
Our current latest and best TENS neck massager K5 2.0 model in market, fashionable and compact design, combination of TENS&EMS dual pulse technology, hot compress, light red therapy into a small device weight around 120g 

Eye massager
our latest design is E7 model 2-IN-1 VIBRATION HEATED EYE MASSAGER, compete against Philips eye massager in Chinese market, instead of traditional air compression eye massager which would cause pressure on eye balls, programmed vibration on each massage stands avoid eye ball, heating function at bottom of massage stands soothe around eyes, can effectively reduce eye fatigue, relax eye muscles, improve sleep quality, reduce headaches and puffy eyes, etc. Bluetooth connective with mobile phone to choose relaxing music.

Massage gun:
We’re first design of massage gun with heating function, we have small compact massage gun used daily during works or at home, small size but powerful like F7 massage gun, professional massage gun X7 model.

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager
Our Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager is unique design in market, best way to relax neck and shoulder, heating function on massage working heads, red light therapy hot compress.
It’s expensive but very useful, people love to use it everyday and are willing to recommend to their friends.

We’re first inventor of such lower back massage belt with heating. Dual pulse EMS and TENS technology, with hot compress, and red light therapy, we lead the trend in Chinese market, our annual sale volume is more than 500K sets.

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