What is the function of Eye Massager?


What is the function of  Eye Massager?

We can't live without these electronic products, but with them, we use our eyes too much, which leads to huge fatigue in our eyes, mild myopia and even blindness in severe cases. At this time, we need a product to relieve our fatigue, which is the eye massager. Let's understand some knowledge about the eye massager together.

1. Constant temperature hot compress of eye massager can accelerate eye circulation, relieve eye soreness and dryness, lighten dark circles, and effectively relieve eye fatigue.

2. The smart pressure of the eye massager. The smart pressure is a bit of a word, isn't it? Intelligent air pressure is the imitation of a variety of human hand massage frequency, so as to relax the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve eye pain and eye fatigue.

3. Multi-frequency vibration of eye massager, multi-frequency vibration can improve the ability of eye regulation, improve vision, and inhibit vision decline.

4 Massager playing light music, light music playing can calm people, eliminate irritability and pressure.

What are the beauty effects of the eye massager?

1.Prevent myopia, beauty eyes three times a day three to five minutes each time, effectively improve the microcirculation of the eye tissue, improve the adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle, activate the cells of the eye tissue, oxygenating collars, effectively improve vision, beauty eyes, eyes focused;

2.Prevention and treatment of computer eye disease, inhibit neurasthenia and insomnia, eliminate eye fatigue each time wearing three to five minutes, can make the eyeball and eye muscle fully relax, reduce intraocular pressure, quickly eliminate excessive eye caused by acid swelling, swelling pain, dryness, fear of light and blurred vision symptoms, easy to enter deep sleep, eliminate excessive brain and neurasthenia caused by insomnia, And can shorten the time to fall asleep;

3.Reduce wrinkles enhance skin elasticity adhere to use for five to ten minutes every day, can help eliminate due to lack of sleep and poor blood circulation formed bags and dark circles, strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, smooth wrinkles, make the corner of the skin more shiny and elastic;

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