N5-2 SKG neck massage pillow - New Design


Our new designed N5-2 neck massage pillow is very innovative neck massage technology in market, meet with our stylish good looking and good use by advanced technology designing principle.

Innovation aspects:
Chinese kneading and stretching massage for tendon of neck
Innovative design good-looking
Powerful massage Better experience
Support neck Friendly materials
Hot compress+physical massage

Two massage heads shaped like the thumb and palm of hand, using skin-friendly silicone material, anti-sensitivity and soft, Ergonomic design, aimed at often sore head clamp muscle, neck clamp muscle and upper trapezius muscle for massage and relaxation.

Imitate traditional Chinese massage techniques - pushing, kneading, rubbing, rubbing, taking and other techniques to relax tendons and activate collaterals;  Massage with rhythm, sometimes clamping and sometimes rapid massage characteristics, more rich experience.
-Simulation of traditional Chinese massage, deep relaxation of tendons and collaterals.
-5 massage modes.

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