Ease fatigue, phubbers are worth it


What young man doesn't touch his phone with his eyes open? All day a machine in hand, enduring as the universe; What about when the machine is not in your hands? The cervical spine has been overwhelmed, followed by dizziness, nausea, neck pain, let a person suffering unspeakable.
Well, who can save our necks? Wang Yibo can! SKG K5 cervical spine massager, massage hot hemp is very comfortable, switch the machine can also hear a bo warm sound, really make people very happy. After using a period of time, the neck is not painful, the head is not dizzy, no longer need to worry about cervical discomfort!
When Lemon can't wait to open the outer package of SKG K5 cervical massage device, it is attracted by its appearance level. The design of SKG K5 cervical massage device body is simple and fashionable, which is a typical Scandinavian style. It is also very delicate and feels light and smooth.
At first glance, SKG K5 cervical vertebra massager looks a bit like hanging bluetooth earphone. White and silver are combined to make the appearance look elegant, delicate and beautiful. Even if it is hung on the neck all the time, it will not feel awkward.
The SKG K5 Cervical Spine Massager comes with a small carton for charging cable and DHC shoulder and neck Soothing gel, as well as a remote control, instructions, quick instructions and illustrated cards.
Carefully understand the SKG K5 cervical spine massager, you will find that it has multiple massage mode options, vibration and pulse very comfortable. There are 10 strength gear, 10 gear is the most high-grade, heating gear can also adjust the temperature.
In addition, the patch on the back neck is soft, so the fit is very high, wearing super comfortable. Now the lemon every day in use, tired of work, tired of playing games, 15 minutes before going to bed will use, massage feeling muscle pretty relaxed, SKG K5 has become my "private masseur"!
And often eat chicken, play king of glory, typical bow family brother, play tired will wear SKG K5 cervical spine massage device. When mom is afraid to lower her head, she will also use SKG K5 cervical spine massage device, and they feel that the pain in the neck after massage is not so strong.
Lemon's friends at the office saw her using it and tried it on out of curiosity. In short, we all agree that wearing the SKG K5 cervical massage device is particularly comfortable, warm, very suitable for young people who often bow their heads to play mobile phones.
In addition, SKG K5 cervical massage device is more convenient to control with mobile app! Simple operation, easy adjustment, massager itself has a speaker, can remind the adjustment of the strength and switch machine, of course, can also set the mute mode, is super easy to use baby! Even more surprising is the lucky red, even more perfect than imagined, warm red is very powerful.
Secondly, SKG K5 cervical spine massager is delicate and compact, which is very convenient to carry on business trips. It is completely no problem to put in the backpack and can be used at any time. Therefore, people who usually go on business trips can relieve cervical vertebra pain on the way, improve work efficiency and shorten working time when arriving at the workplace, and virtually increase the happiness of business trips!
In short, the SKG K5 cervical vertebra massage device used by lemon is really good, 20 minutes a day twice a day comprehensive mode, choose 5 and the highest heating mode, not only relieve the stiffness and pain of the neck, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, is a necessary magic device for young people to work yes!
Summary is to thank Wang Yibo SKG K5 cervical spine massage device, can let young people in the gap between work, play games play tired, brush tired relieve cervical spine fatigue, feel awesome! So, if you care about cervical spine health, start with SKG K5 cervical spine massager!
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