Muscle massage gun has become one of the necessary tools for modern people


Exercise is a hobby of many people, whether running or fitness, can strengthen the body. But the muscle soreness after exercise is very uncomfortable. In fact, it is caused by fascia. At this time, you only need a fascia gun to relieve the pain.

Each of us has two large muscle groups at the neck and shoulder, one is the trapezius muscle, the other is the levator scapulae muscle. For these two muscles, people who sit for a long time will often have muscle stiffness, or even pain. The focus of shoulder neck massage is to massage these two muscles. Now let's introduce how to scientifically use the fascia gun to massage the shoulder and neck? The trapezius muscle is usually believed to be located in our shoulder, a small area. But in fact, our trapezius muscle is very large. It starts to grow from the back of our big head, and will reach our thoracic spine along the spine. As shown in the figure, trapezius muscle is divided into upper muscle fibers, middle muscle fibers and lower muscle fibers. In daily life, the tension is the upper muscle fiber of our trapezius muscle, so massaging the trapezius muscle mainly deals with this part. The position of levator scapulae is relatively small. It is a long and thin muscle that grows downward from the side of our cervical vertebra to the upper corner of our scapula.

1. Before exercise, use the fascia gun to quickly impact the muscles to be exercised, so as to increase the temperature and blood flow of the muscles and help achieve the effect of rapid warm-up.

2. After exercise, use the fascia gun, according to the principle of the pain trigger point, to shock the muscles after exercise for a long time, which can help metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension.

3. For office workers, the fascia gun can relieve some discomfort symptoms of the human body, such as neck and shoulder stiffness and discomfort caused by long-term exposure to the desk, local muscle dysfunction, and delayed muscle soreness after exercise.

4. For the elderly, the application of fascia gun can transfer energy to the human body, forcing the human muscle to contract and relax dozens of times per second. For the elderly, it can reduce the pain in the legs, back and other parts of the body, and improve the strength and balance ability of the elderly.

Generally speaking, the fascia gun can relax muscles and reduce lactic acid accumulation. Therefore, the fascia gun is useful, but it must be properly used to avoid secondary damage to the body? The brushless motor has a longer service life and less noise than the brush motor. The fascia gun with small weight and volume is easier to carry, and it is also easier to store in the bag.
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