SKG Maye Musk. Global health ambassador, accompany with health


Maye Mush as a super model walk on T platform full with confidence, as she is also a writer full of energy when sitting in front of desk, and a doctor of nutriology in field of healthcare.

And now she is SKG global health ambassador.

Elegant.Strong mind.positive life.

SKG embrace Maye Musk to invite you to enjoy advanced healthcare technology which bring unique experience of comfort and relaxation.

Square your chest and straight your body, go forth at your ease, target your loving journey to comfortable zone.

SKG golden waist massage belt-G7 same as Maye Musk’s choice.

SKG invisible back massage belt: K5

SKG new shiatsu neck and shoulder massager:H5-2 noble

Crystal diamonds texture massage nodes.rolling and kneading.

Listening the nature in peace, retrieve true self.

SKG sleeping mask T5

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