New Shiatsu Neck Massage Travel Pillow


Use it when neck and shoulder tired.

Professional in wearable massage device. Professional massage way. Massage FuChi body point.

SKG Cervical Massager N5 3.0

Muscles tissues pulling and squeezing. Relax thoroughly.

Details of product upgrade. SKG neck massage pillow cushion N5-3. unique massage technology.

Exclusive massage way 1:

Tissue pulling and squeezing. Stretch neck massage thoroughly.

Innovative power transition mechanism. Muscles stretching good enough as human massage.massage simulation in both light and heavy. Muscles pulling, kneading, pushing and squeezing.experiencing deep massage.

Exclusive massage way 2:

Massage Fuchi body point. Massage secret which massage profession knows.

Longer massage heads, massage fuchi point. Relax effectively for exhausted brain. Relax tired neck and shoulder muscles. Cheer up and recover neck’s power.

Exclusive massage way 3:

Massage covers Muscles between head and neck, trapezius. One step to massage neck and shoulder thoroughly.

Massage head upwards: muscles between head and neck+fuchi point.

Massage downwards: Muscles between head and neck, trapezius.

Exclusive massage way 4:

Human massage alike, skin-friendly and comfort, no muscles clip pains.

Silicone material massage head. human hand texture and skin touch feeling.

Exclusive massage way 5:

Powerful and high efficiency.

Big power brushless motor. Independent chip support. Massage thoroughly in 10 min.

Exclusive massage way 6:

Heating therapy while massaging.

3 levels of heating.

Multiple purposes:

360 degree neck support.

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