SKG Intelligent Neck Massager


HUWEI intelligence election: SKG intelligent neck massager coming.

After work of day time then becomes phubber after work play with smart phone, is it your daily life, your neck have been working for more than 15 hours per day, and no massage time as most of youth lives in a high efficiency world, lay on the couch is the 1st thing when you get back home.

Combination of HUWEI intelligence election and SKG intelligence to make our new intelligent neck massager for cervical relaxation, pain therapy, stress relief, heating therapy, prevent cervical problems.

1.Dual Frequency pulse technology for deep massage. our neck massager adopt TENS and EMS dual frequency pulse technology, TENS therapy can stop pain transition and pain resources; EMS therapy can improve stiff muscles and stretch muscles, TENS and EMS combination can realize deep tissue relaxation from nerve to bleed vessels and muscles. 
2.Floating massage working electrodes apply on neck perfectly. Ergonomical design of independent floating massage working head can self adapt on neck skin while neck move at ease, perfectly apply on curved skin surface of neck in spite of neck size, shape, and no worry of bad wearing on neck and wrong massage position, wearing on neck at your ease and massage at any time and places in your lifestyles.
3.Auto recognization popup on smart phone, one click to start working. In order to solve the problem of not easy to operate on product.
4.Big area of heating therapy on neck. Provides 2200 mm2 big heating working area wrap on neck, instant heating speed up bleed circulation, warm you up in cold seasons.
5.Seven massage mode. Provide big range option of massage to satisfy different needs.

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