Precautions for the use of massage gun


Massage guns can be used to relax muscles after exercise, but improper use can also cause damage to the body. Here are some precautions for the use of massage guns.

Note 1: Never impact the joints

Fascia relaxation gun is generally only suitable for muscle and soft tissue. If you directly impact the joint, it is almost the same as directly knocking the joint on the stone, and it is easy to cause joint damage.

Note 2: Not all parts are suitable for use
The neck, chest, abdomen, and armpits have thin muscles and are close to the organs and aorta. The use of impact guns is not recommended at all.

Note 3: Not that the longer the time, the more painful the more effective
Use the body to sense the soreness that should be maintained at 6-8 minutes, and use the same position for 5-10 minutes.

Note 4: Do not assemble or modify fascia gun products without authorization
Some users use electric hammers or percussion drill products to assemble fascia guns because of the vibration frequency and lack of protection mechanisms, which can easily cause fascia damage or muscle contusion, which can cause cardiac arrest and shock in severe cases.
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