TENS improve pains
There is long history of using current to improve pains, this theory is from a scientist Ronald and Patric in 1965, they named it door control theory: when people get injured, it would activate 1st class nerve terminal pain feeling functional at injured place, and transmit the pain signal to spine, then from 1st class nerve to 2nd, from 2nd to cerebral ganglia, finally reach to skin from 3rd nerve terminal, our hand would not feel pain, but head will. With TENS technology to transmit current into human body by electrodes, the current can goes through skin, nerve of deep muscles to have mechanical feelings in order to close door to restrict pains, there is another way to improve pains is by endorphin, when have pains, the brain would excrete morphine related things which can improve pains in two ways: restrict to produce nerve pain signals, and stop the signal transmission in nerve system.

EMS improve muscles retraction.
Why current can massage and train muscles, tell the story from a Italian Galvani, in 1790, Galvani touched fog’s leg with surgery knife, and found out fog’s muscles was twitching, biologic current happens.
Up to nowadays, people realized more and more about muscles retraction, stimulate muscles by EMS pulse, place electrodes on skin to transmit electric pulse to make muscles retraction in order to release stiff muscles, prevent muscles aging.

Middle frequency pulse massager.

In the field of portable massager, most of products are low frequency pulse products, only small part of brands have middle frequency pulse products, like our SKG TENS neck massager K5PRO and lower back massage band W7 adopted middle frequency pulse technology, it’s much better than normal low frequency pulse products.

Advantages of middle frequency pulse
. Smaller resistance, easy to transmit in muscles.
. Stable equal frequency, it’s much comfortable and acceptable by muscles, and no stabbing pains.

As the biggest and leading company in developing and manufacturing healthcare product to solve most people’s concern about their health problems, we always engage ourselves in new technology to make our design to be unique, easy-to-be-used, and lifestyle in market.
Lots of people are suffering from neck and shoulder stress after long time working, playing with smart phone, video game and watching TV.
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