New Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager


Shoulder and neck three-dimensional kneading massage
[FA functional point] SKG's first physical massage product that integrates shoulder and neck. Through the four massage heads, it can precisely massage the three major muscle groups, such as the head and neck muscles, levator scapulae muscles, and trapezius muscles.
Increase the massage area by about 200% compared with the previous generation (according to the 23456 area, the data is obtained by the SKG laboratory);
[Benefit point] It is better to solve the problem that most massage instruments on the market can only be aimed at the neck, but cannot solve the problem of discomfort in the shoulders and trapezius muscles of users.
H7 has a built-in precision transmission mechanism, adopts eccentric crank connecting rod and undulating staggered massage technology, and has built-in SKG exclusive algorithm to make the massage force more concentrated. And shoulder and neck use different massage techniques, massage more like human hands.
Different massage techniques are used for different parts of the shoulder and neck. H7's exclusive technology and algorithm realizes the neck and hands rubbing + shoulders and palms pushing and rubbing, better care for different sore muscle groups, and achieve a real human-like massage body feeling.
Upper two ends: Kneading massage in the neck area by rolling and kneading.
Up and down: Push and knead with both palms to achieve pinching massage in the shoulder area.

The fuselage supports four massage methods, simulating real people's pressing, rubbing, tapping, and exercise techniques;
          ①Soothing mode, massage at a constant speed in forward rotation, 15min/round
          ②Decompression mode, reverse massage at a constant speed, 15min/round
          ③Wake-up mode, forward and slow circulation massage, 15min/round
          ④Comprehensive mode, simulate pressing forward for 15min/round
Each mode has 3 levels of strength to meet the stress requirements of different users
     ①Low gear: push and knead with moderate force, suitable for daily fatigue and sedentary relaxation
     ②Mid-gear: push and knead vigorously, suitable for people with sudden stiff neck, poor sitting posture, etc.

     ③High-gear: strong pushing and kneading, suitable for long-term cervical pain and stiffness

Featured motor and metal massage heads,
Strong massage
[FA functional point] Selected strong motor, the continuous power brings greater massage intensity; the neck massage head is made of zinc alloy metal, the surface is chrome-plated, stable and corrosion-resistant, faster in heat conduction, and longer in service life. (Shoulder massage head is non-metallic)

[Benefit Points] 1) The selected motor brings surging power to the product, which is stronger and more stable, just like the hand of an master, giving you a professional shoulder and neck massage
2) Using a metal massage head, compared with the silicone head on the market, the massage strength is more concentrated and the force is stronger. The delicate texture makes massage more comfortable.
3) The heat conduction of metal is faster and more stable, and the hot compress feels better.

Red light concentrating thermal moxibustion
Deep into the muscle base, improve soreness
[FA function point] The center of the product adopts 8 630-nanometer red light concentrating thermal moxibustion technology; 4 red light thermal moxibustion gears (adjusted together with hot compress) to meet the needs of different users.

[Benefit point] Red light concentrating thermal moxibustion can penetrate the muscle to a depth of about 10mm, produce a thermal effect from the deep layer, dilate the blood vessels in the deep tissue, promote blood circulation, promote tissue growth and repair, stimulate and improve immunity, and more effectively relieve neck pain. Muscle soreness

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