New professional muscles massage gun X7


The choice of professional athletes
Your portable exercise therapist
14mm amplitude,penetrate deep muscles, break down lactic acid and roll away pain at the bottom, fully meet the needs of lifting before exercise and repairing after exercise, and enhance the body's efficient exercise ability.
300mN.m brushless motor with large torque,
5000mm² area of hot compress,3 levels temperature.
Exclusive dynamic balancing technology guarantees the strong strength, still maintain the stability of the fuselage.
4 massage heads meet all kinds of massage requirements;
Exclusive noise reduction technology avoids bothering others.
It lasts 3.5h after each full charge. It can be used twice a day for 15 minutes each time for one week.
Streamlined sports car shape, with metal lines and flow lamp belt, both sense of technology and power;
LED display;
Weight is 0.71kg,Ergonomic streamline design
14mm amplitude;
Penetrate deep muscle, fully meet the needs of efficient lifting before exercise and quick repair after exercise;

Quickly dissipate lactic acid, roll away the underlying pain, accelerate the recovery after exercise, enhance the body's ability to exercise efficiently.

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