Principle and function of cervical massage machine


The cervical vertebra massage instrument is a cervical vertebra massage instrument that uses four physiotherapy methods, namely, low-frequency electrotherapy pulse, magnetic therapy, infrared thermal moxibustion and pillow traction, and uses the traditional Chinese medicine push-pull massage principle and combines them. The cervical massager can relieve the tension and invigorate the collaterals, help improve the blood of the neck, and effectively solve the problems of neck muscle stiffness and pain.

Now many young people are mostly standing in front of the computer, at the front desk, looking at their mobile phones for a long time, and looking at the molds in the workshop. There are many more. After years of accumulation, it is inevitable that they will encounter some cervical vertebra diseases of different degrees. With the development of science and technology, electronic products have rapidly affected many young people. If the cervical massager is favored by the younger generation, it can also massage their own cervical vertebrae to release and decompress comfortably. Suitable for white-collar workers, drivers, teachers and people who stand and sit for a long time.

The principle of cervical spondylometer and massager is mainly digital technology. Nowadays, digital technology is widely used in the medical and health care industry. The massager can regulate the biological effects of the meridians, guide the movement of Qi and blood, improve the internal environment of the human body and the state of Qi and blood imbalance, so as to achieve the effect of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms.

The main product functions of cervical spondylometer massager are as follows:

1. Improve blood circulation

Cervical Massager Massage mainly promotes blood circulation and enhances blood metabolism, thus improving sleep, allowing the brain to get sufficient oxygen, rejuvenate and clear mind.

2. Beauty effect

After all, the purpose of weight loss is to burn fat, regulate the human endocrine system, improve human immunity, promote fat emulsification, decomposition and metabolism, so as to achieve the goal of eliminating weight loss. Improve postpartum abdominal relaxation, breast augmentation, facial acne, etc.

3. Eliminate physical fatigue

Massager, such as fascia gun and cervical massager, can eliminate fatigue and target various physical discomfort such as body fatigue, muscle soreness, shoulder neck pain and leg pain.

4. Near infrared thermotherapy

The cervical massager has two near infrared rays near the lymph nodes, which can promote the detoxification function of both sides of the neck and make the blood more smooth. Promote anti-inflammatory, analgesic, detumescence and improve blood circulation.

In short, the cervical massager is a good choice for relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation. It is updated every year. It is a good choice for home physiotherapy.
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