Massager - fascia gun, why is it so popular


In the recent two years, fascia guns can be regarded as online red products. Many people are wondering whether they are paying IQ tax when buying fascia guns. It should be clarified that fascia guns are not IQ tax, but actually civilian versions of medical grade sports rehabilitation equipment.

At the beginning, the fascia gun was used as a medical tool. The whole process was an electric muscle vibrator, which was used by professional athletes such as James and Jeremy Lin. At this stage, many rehabilitation doctors will also instruct patients to use household grade fascial guns at home. Some patients often have cramps after fracture, and the doctors will suggest that they buy a fascial gun to massage the plantar fascia and tibial anterior muscle.

The application of fascia gun to massage is completely attributed to dimension reduction. We can imagine that the products applied to professional athletes must be more objective, professional and cautious. Why are they not willing to buy more professional products for the same amount of money. Moreover, in the face of computers and more and more low headed people for a long time, if the posture is unreasonable for a long time, it will inevitably lead to lumbago and leg pain. It is not fragrant to use professional fascia shooting to relax tight muscles and promote blood circulation?