The role of EMS foot massage cushion


EMS feet massage mat
TENS feet massage machine
Essential Circulation Booster to Relieve and Relax Mild Leg Pains and Foot Aches from Prolonged Sitting and Standing

Increase blood flow and relieve soreness from exercise and prolonged sitting or standing within 60 days with this essential circulation booster
Muscle contraction pumps oxygen-rich blood through your legs, alleviating any aches or pains


This portable foot massaging pad targets key points on the soles of your feet with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). It has the power to revive tired feet and soothe aching legs. Great for foot pain relief or foot care in general. EMS can improve blood circulation.Because this foot massager is so lightweight and flexible, it can be slipped into your bag,so it is ideal for an enjoyable reprieve after long day of walking.

Feet massage mat delivers Electrical Muscle Stimulation, bioelectrical pulses (like those generated by our body to stimulate muscle contraction) to deliver a deep-muscle invigorating massage.

Those that go to the gym often for long periods; people who travel long distances; those who are very active outside like bicyclists or mountain climbers; those who wear shoes that cause pain such as high heels.

EMS is used for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation purposes, preventing disuse muscle atrophy, increasing local blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, cosmetic muscle toning.

Function of heating: the only feet massage mat with heating in 3  levels, H(red): 50~55C, M(yellow): 40~48C, L(blue):30~40C.
1.Conductive material is graphene film, great pulse conductivity and long life time of use,Normal massage mat conductive material is by silver chart   
2.print, limited conductive area would cause stabbing pain, silver would be easily wiped after long time of use.
3. Customization of mat: we can customize the massage mat according to customer’s design.
4.Long battery working duration: 1200 mAh
With heating: 2~4 H
Without heating: around 2 weeks.
5.With remote control. it can be operated on remote control.
6.Portable and foldable.
8. PU leather and anti-slippery at bottom

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