Do you feel happy when I massage your neck with my hands every day?


Because of the long-term desk work, the neck is often stiff and swollen. Sometimes the neck will rattle when moving. I want to find someone to massage specially, but I'm busy. I don't even have time to eat. So I especially want a massage instrument that can really relieve the pressure on the cervical spine. I have also done a lot of homework for a long time. Finally, I chose the SKG gray smart neck massager (model: K5PRO)

After buying it, you can take it with you at work or at home. After using it for a period of time, there is no noise when your neck rotates. It's amazing. The massage head in the massage area of this product combines physical vibration, pulse technology and hot compress functions. It can be used alone or turned on at the same time.

Like a masseur, you can press and knead the acupoints at the back of your neck with special precision, and turn on the hot compress function. Each massage head can heat the neck independently. Especially in summer, when you use it in an air-conditioned room, it will be more comfortable, and it can go deep into the skin to relieve pain. You can relax the back of the neck from the inside out

They don't have any sense of weight. They can be taken anytime and anywhere. They are not affected at work, when reading, when drinking tea, and when turning black. They can be controlled manually. They can also be matched with any function of the mobile phone APP.

So for the long-term desk bound workers, if you have cervical vertebra problems like me, such a product with comprehensive massage functions is worth trying. It is easy to carry a pair of small hands to massage your cervical vertebra wherever you go every day
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