SKG H7 Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager.


The Best Tech Gifts (Neck and Shoulder Massager)for Men Will Be a Certified Hit With Any Gadget Fiends On Your List

Catch them up on the latest drops, or help them acquire the gem they've been eyeing all year long.BY SARA KLAUSING AND LORI KEONG November 22.2022

Buying thoughtful, interesting, and actually useful tech gifts for men, women, and kids on your holiday shopping list used to be pretty simple: acquire Sharper [mage catalog, flip to a random page, done. It's a lot more complicated now. For one, um, catalogs? But more importantly, there seems to be a new version of the same gadget dropping every year, a smattering of new disruptors with sexy packaging (but hardly any legs tostand on when it comes to functionality), and some actually pretty good tech that only comes at, uh, a wildly inaccessible price point, It's tough to keep track of all the worthwhile new tech among all the so-so duds without puling up a dozen review guides, but that's where we come in.

Considering that we're in the midst of all the big tech and gadget Black Friday sales right now, it's the perfecttime to spot your gamer cousin who hardly leaves his basement with a PS5 assist or uperade someone's ancientwired headphones to something fancy in the Bluetooth realm that's blessedly tangle-free. Or, get someone special a life upgrade that'll help them fast-track their matcha-making or track their heart rate and steps (and discreetly)--well before the holiday rush.

Here, we've gathered up a short list of some of our favorite newish tech gifts for men, women, and everyon else on your list This lineup includes plenty of GO-tested and approved entries from our 2021 and 2022 Homwards, plus some winners from our latest Grooming and Fitness Awards. Just make sure to stealthily check that your gift doesn't already own whatever you decide to snag them.

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