Where does the pain hit? Is the muscle fascia gun so magical?


Some people say that it is a technology in the fitness industry, while others see it as a massage tool for "where the soreness hits". It not only helps to relax and relieve stress, but has even been labeled as "standard for sports experts" and "essential for weight loss". Is the muscle fascia gun really so magical, and is it true to relax muscle fatigue? Today SKG will take you to see what experts say:

Fascia is a white film that wraps around the muscles of the human body, covering the entire body and constraining the muscles to function in an orderly manner. However, persistent fatigue and tension can lead to fascial spasms, which is commonly referred to as fasciitis. The fascia gun can promote the recovery of muscles and surrounding soft tissues through a stable vibration frequency, assist in improving the pain of patients with fasciitis, and have a certain effect in relaxing muscles and alleviating fatigue;

Is fascia gun really feasible for relieving cervical spine and treating diseases?

The cervical vertebra is the place where many important blood vessels, nerves and spinal cord of the human body are concentrated, and the arrangement of bones and joints in this part is quite complementary, and the muscles are relatively weak. Once the manipulation is wrong, it is likely to cause irreversible consequences. Experts recommend that you never directly hit the cervical vertebra. If the cervical vertebra is uncomfortable, you must find a professional doctor to treat it. So, Soothing the cervical spine and treating diseases are just gimmicks promoted by some businesses. The main function of the fascia gun is to soothe the fascia, and it is not recommended to use it for relatively weak tissues such as the cervical spine;

Can we really hope for slimming, shaping, and burning fat with the fascia gun?

Experts said that the online talk about fascia gun weight loss is untenable both in terms of kinematics and metabolism mechanism, including fat slinger, local vibration, massage, etc., which cannot achieve weight loss;

Fascia gun can provide appropriate massage and relaxation to the muscle groups of the human body, which are areas with more and thicker meat. However, when it comes to treating cervical spondylosis, do not blindly believe it. As for weight loss and shaping, it is completely nonsense and commercial gimmick
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