Do you know whether the fascia gun should be used before or after exercise?


Recently, many people have mentioned that after buying the fascia gun, should it be used before or after exercising? Or should I use it after a day of exercise? Follow the fascia gun manufacturer SKG INNO FIRM to take a look:

SKG INNO FIRM suggested that it can be used as a warm-up before fitness, and it can be used immediately after fitness. It is unnecessary to wait until the next day. The working principle of the fascia gun is essentially vibration therapy, which can reduce muscle pain after fitness in the early stage, and effectively reduce the level of Lactate dehydrogenase within 48 hours after exercise. Therefore, it can be used immediately after fitness, If used again every other day, the effect may not be as good. When using it, it is important to pay attention to the timing and maintain it for six to eight minutes for better results. The duration of use for the same area should not exceed ten minutes, as it does not necessarily mean that the longer the use time, the more effective Yuetong is. Reasonably control the use time and gear adjustment, and use my strength to avoid unnecessary damage;

I hope this sharing can be helpful to you. SKG INNO FIRM Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen focuses on the development and production of mid to high end fascial guns. Its products include electric fascial guns, mini fascial guns, medical fascial guns, and household fascial guns, which can alleviate fatigue after household chores, lower back pain and leg pain after long-distance driving, muscle swelling after fitness, and muscle damage during exercise, All have good repair effects. If you have any related product requirements, please call SKG INNO FIRM, and we will be happy to serve you.
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