How to do with cervical pain? How does cervical vertebra ache alleviate see intelligent age massager


Entering the era of intelligence, people's living standards are generally improved, and everyone's working environment is becoming more and more superior. Basically, they are office workers, and they only need to face the computer to complete the assigned work every day. It can be said that it is precisely because of this "comfortable" working and living environment, we increasingly find that their physical quality is not as good as before, especially office gens, every day in the face of this computer "mouse hand", "cervical spondylosis" is the basic normal. In particular, cervical spine problems seriously affect the entire working state.
I am also a family of cervical spondylosis. I have bought a portable massage device for cervical vertebra before. This product is actually ok. But the need to wear is sitting, thought that if you can lie down, even sleep can make cervical spondylosis repair that how good ah?

Next, I would like to recommend several cervical vertebra massage instruments, which are fashionable and portable and more comfortable for pulse massage.
Wang Yibo the same SKG G7-1
SKG is the leader of cervical vertebra massage instrument, and has opened its brand awareness in 2020. At present, SKG occupies more than one-third of the market share and holds the top position in various promotional activities. Its wearable cervical spine massager products are fashionable and portable, which are popular among young people.
K7 is the latest flagship model of SKG, mainly combining TENS+EMS dual-pulse technology, massage experience in place. In particular, K7 uses gold-plated electrodes to reduce sensitization, improve pulse and heat conduction, and better soothing effect.
There is such a product is perfect to solve the problem of cervical spondylosis treatment. It has experienced many years of research, design, research and development, model testing, mass production, mainly with elastic needle pressure, pulse massage, thermostatic heat and other ways for cervical physiotherapy massage.

First of all, this product can switch the five modes of scraping, acupuncture, massage, beating and free combination respectively by long pressing the "+" key, which can complete the adjustment of 16-speed pulse strength. And according to the need to switch scraping, massage, beating, free combination of five modes. Constant temperature hot compress, built-in temperature controller, can keep the temperature at 42℃ or so, massage effect is better.

Pangao is the pioneer of electric pulse ring cervical vertebra massage instrument, and is also a rare massage instrument brand with medical qualifications at present. Its domestic brand popularity is second only to SKG. Climbing cervical spine massage instrument is famous for its professional product strength, good body support for neck, and superior performance.

P6 is a professional masterpiece of climbing. The body is designed with widening and thickening, which is easier to relieve cervical discomfort with good support. In addition to the basic multi-mode and multi-force adjustment, this model also comes with TENS+EMS dual-pulse technology, red light irradiation function, double cervical massage, excellent experience.

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