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Eye massager is a small massage device designed to alleviate eye fatigue, improve vision, and prevent myopia. It can simulate the movements of human hand massage, not only eliminating eye fatigue, but also helping to prevent the occurrence of eye diseases. In the era of widespread use of electronic devices, eye massagers are becoming increasingly popular. Next, let's explore the role and usage of eye massagers.

The function of an eye massager:

Relieve eye fatigue: Using an eye massager can alleviate eye fatigue caused by prolonged use of electronic products or reading and work, eliminate eye bags and dark circles, and improve sleep quality and vision.

Prevention of myopia: Modern people who use electronic devices for a long time, such as watching TV, playing games, and watching mobile phones, can easily lead to the occurrence of myopia. Eye massagers can effectively prevent myopia by massaging the muscles around the eyes and alleviating eye fatigue.

Promoting blood circulation: Eye massagers can promote blood circulation in the eyes, increase the supply of nutrients to the eyes, and thus enhance the resistance of the eyes.


Before using an eye massager, it is best to apply warm water or a warm towel to the eyes. This can effectively alleviate eye fatigue and improve circulation, preparing for massage.

When massaging, you can first hold the eye massager in your hand to warm the palm, then gently press the eye massager around the eye for 1-2 minutes, and then gently massage from the corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. Pay attention to gentleness and do not massage too vigorously to avoid irritation to the eyes.

This article focuses on the role and usage of eye massagers, aiming to guide people to understand how to use eye massagers to alleviate eye fatigue, prevent myopia, and better protect eye health. To learn more about eye massagers, please feel free to contact us at SKG Company.

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