Do you feel happy to have a pair of hands massaging and massaging your neck every day?


Due to long-term desk work, the neck often becomes stiff and sore, and sometimes it makes a clicking sound when moving. I wanted to find someone to give me a massage, but I was too busy to even have time to eat. So, I really wanted a massage device that can truly relieve cervical pressure. After doing a lot of homework, I ultimately chose the SKG cervical massager G7.

After buying it, whether it's for work or at home, I bring it with me. After using it for a period of time, the noise when my neck rotates disappears. It's amazing. The massage head in the massage area of this product combines physical vibration, pulse technology, and hot compress function, which can be used alone or simultaneously.

Like a masseur, you can precisely press and knead the acupoints behind your neck, activate the hot compress function, and each massage head can independently heat up your neck. Especially when used in an air-conditioned room in summer, it will be more comfortable and can penetrate deep into the skin to relieve pain. It can also provide deep relaxation of the neck muscles from the inside out

It has no sense of weight-bearing and can be carried anytime, anywhere. It is not affected during work, reading, drinking tea, or turning on the black screen. It can be manually controlled and can be combined with any function on the mobile app.

So for long-term desk workers, if you also have neck problems like me, a product with comprehensive massage functions is worth trying. It can easily massage your neck with a pair of small hands wherever you go every day

G7 Portable vibration neck massager is the first product in the market with combination of micro vibration, red light therapy and heating in a small compact device, there are 9 vibration points built in with micro vibration motor and heating membrane, it relax neck by 3 different ways, and it's only 170g, light weighted and easy to be carried SKG is the first and largest manufacturer making intelligent portable mass, after 13 years of study and experience in this field, we created the culture and led the trend, we sell more than 4 million sets of our products per year

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