SKG New Heated Knee Massage Wrap


Product Model: SKG Knee Massager W3Pro

Product Positioning: A Knee massager with all-round knee protection

USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Vibration Massage, Hot Compress, More Techniques

Product Color: Silver

Applicable Scenarios: Home Relaxation , Relax before Bed, Household Chores

Release time: November 2023

4 vibrators

5 techniques

Support charge while using

5 leves of hot compress

PU Material

X-type knee patella support

Powerful Vibration Massage - Experience the sensation of real hands massage

W3 Pro features 4 vibrators that provide a powerful dual-point vibration massage. With a frequency of 7200 vibrations per second,ensuring a more realistic massage sensation during use.


1.Relax the knee joint and patella, relieving soreness and discomfort

2.Promotes muscle exercise and prevents muscle strain

3.Stimulates the secretion of synovial fluid, protecting the joints from excessive wear

All-Round Protection-Experience a large massage area

With a 100% increase in massage coverage, providing a comprehensive massage experience, relieving knee strain and discomfort.Targeting the quadriceps muscles above the knee, the sides below the patella, and the patellar ligament

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