New Technology Gives Better Life


New Technology gives better life.
A traditional HoMedics Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager, Brookstone Neck and shoulder massager, Snailax Neck and shoulder Massager:
1.It’s big and heavy, not easy to carry with.
2.Small massage area on same places of shoulder and neck.
3.Unable to free your hands, it can not be used during working.
4.It’s heavy and unfashionable, it can not be used at any time.
5.Traditional knead and shiatsu only affect only on skin’s surface, can not release your deep pain, massage strength is not enough.

A traditional truMedic TENS unit, Medisana TENS unit, DR HO’S TENS unit:
1.Not easy to be used with a extensive adhesive pad.
2.Uncomfortable wtih long conductive cable.
3.Simple TENS technology can not solve all the problems.

What we need in future, our SKG new innovative neck and shoulder massager solve all concerns:
.80% of people suffer from neck and shoulder problems under high burden of working environment.
.Most of youth sit in office for long time, foreraking their neck and shoulder for long time cause strain of spine, plus over work in the night and deep night fun time, neck and shoulder is uncomfortable with high burden daily.
.Extreme long time of playing video game, smart phone and watching TV, lack of body training cause neck and shoulder’s problem at young age.
.A new neck and shoulder massager can be used at any time and ease become the priority of these people.

Our T5 portable neck and shoulder massager in new advanced technology:
It can relax both neck and shoulder, with big massage area of 18000 mm2  covers most of stressed muscles around neck and shoulder.
Core Technology: Dual pulse precise massage, 10 min per day, feel comfortable for the whole day.
Deep tissue massage: TENS + HF wave dual pulse
Precise massage: movable massage head can be placed on body precisely.
Massage at any time: Only 80g
DUAL pulse technology: reach deeply in muscles, bleed vessels, nerve, direct on pain sources.
.Medium Frequency: human massage simulation mainly target stress and pain of muscles.
.HF wave: deep tissue massage, mainly targets bleed vessels and nerve, deeply into body tissues, recover damaged cells and tensile&elasticity of bleed vessels.
.Different massage mode.

Movable massage head, placed on magnetic holder tray while not used.
60mm of conductive wire, not long and short, covers massage area of 18000 mm2

Intermittent heating therapy.

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