How to choose a good neck massager


1. Generally speaking, neck massager should be purchased according to the purpose. For example, for general beauty and health care, you can choose a portable soft tapping cervical massager, while for special medical or sports, you should choose a neck massager with variable strength.

2. If you often carry a neck massager out, you should choose a lightweight portable cervical massager.

3. The structure of neck massager must be convenient for cleaning, lubricating oil and other maintenance needs.

4. There is no certain standard for the high and low noise. Even if there are regulations, it is measured in decibels. Ordinary people can't easily judge whether they meet the requirements. When purchasing, you can start the massager to listen to the noise. If the sound is not too harsh, it won't be a problem. If the sound is too loud, it is very unfavorable to the treatment.

5. With the neck massager with variable strength, the massage adjustment should be easy. The strong position should have obvious high-strength massage force, and the weak position should have a gentle feeling.

6. The neck massager itself should have a beautiful appearance, be intact, feel good when holding and not easy to slip off, and should be equipped with various massage heads suitable for different massage parts, such as cylindrical massage head, disc massage head, plate massage head, ball massage head, horn massage head and hair brush massage head.

7. It is also reasonable to select neck massager according to the action part. Because people feel uncomfortable in some parts, they can often get obvious curative effect through massage, so they can choose different types of massagers or general massagers such as back, hands, feet and face according to their special needs.

8. The shell of neck massager is made of plastic and metal. Generally speaking, plastic shell has light weight and good insulation performance, but it is not as durable as metal shell. If the metal shell massager has no ground wire, it happens to leak electricity when in use, which may lead to electric shock. Therefore, for the sake of safety, it is best to choose a massager with a grounding device.
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