How to maintain the eye massager


1. When the wire is hot and the socket is loose, please suspend the use of  eye massager;

2. Do not place it in a place where water is easy to occupy, such as a sink;

3. Do not immerse the instrument in water;

4. Do not store the  eye massager when it is powered on;

5. In order to ensure the service life of the probe, please do not use alcohol and other cleaning agents to clean the head, just wipe it with a clean soft cloth;

6. Keep the  eye massager dry for a long time;

7. Please keep it out of the reach of children and do not let minors use it.

8. The  eye massager is an electronic product, pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof and shock-proof; there are fragile parts inside, please do not hit, impact and strong vibration;

9. People with infectious skin should not share this  eye massager with other people;

10. Do not use this product when your hands are wet but not dry. If the wire or plug is overheated during operation, please stop using it immediately, otherwise it may cause a click or short circuit;

11. When using the "import" function of negative ions (output from the ball massage head), people with high skin sensitivity will have a slight click afterwards, which is a normal phenomenon.

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