SKG neck massager allows you to enjoy professional massage anytime, anywhere


When working hard for a period of time or playing games on mobile phones for a long time, it is easy to cause neck stiffness, unbearable pain, and sometimes dizziness and nausea. I can’t help but beat myself, but it’s useless. It’s troublesome to go out for a massage. Is there any way to relieve these symptoms?
SKG cervical spine massager, a multifunctional portable massager that can help prevent cervical spine diseases. It can effectively dredge the meridians, relieve muscle pain, and relieve cervical pain. It can be used at any time whether it is to work, travel or rest at home.
SKG cervical vertebra massager, based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, combined with patented TENS pulse technology, uses electric frequency pulses to pass through the skin, stimulates the cells to block the propagation of pain signals between sensory nerve cells, and achieves analgesic effect.
3 levels of pulse mode and 15 levels of intensity. At the same time, through the simulation of traditional Chinese medicine massage techniques, it can bring the muscles the physical therapy experience of simulation acupuncture, massage, scraping, cupping, tapping and patting, and finally achieve the cure of dredging the meridians, activating blood and removing blood stasis, relieving pain and relaxing muscles. Effect.

Wipe the neck with a wet towel before use, let the massager close to the skin, adjust to the intensity that suits you gradually after adapting to the electric pulse.
In addition to the massage function, the physiotherapy function of constant temperature hot compress is added, which stimulates the meridians by deepening the temperature, removes moisture and cold, improves local blood circulation, and prevents cold intrusion.
It is a kind of skin-friendly soft silicon that is in contact with the skin. The U-shaped ring neck design with wide sides on both sides and narrow middle will make you feel no foreign body sensation when you look up or leaning back.

The unique double-ring electrode floating veneer design can be close to the neck, which helps to enhance the electrical and heat conduction function of the electrode sheet, and can float freely at 360° front and rear, left and right, and local massage is deeper, wider and more comfortable

Different from other massagers, SKG uses high elasticity and strong toughness materials. It can be easily adjusted, regardless of the thickness of your neck, without any foreign body sensation, you can adapt.

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