What can a neck massager do


1、 Treatment of various acute and chronic diseases(neck massager)
The massager can treat hypotension, rheumatism, arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, neuralgia, irregular menstruation, impotence, sexual function decline and other diseases, and the effect is remarkable.

2、 Cosmetic efficacy(neck massager)
Weight loss (regulate human endocrine system, improve human immunity, promote fat emulsification, decomposition and metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of fat elimination and weight loss), postpartum abdominal relaxation, breast augmentation, facial acne, etc. Burn fat and lose some weight.

3、 Eliminate physical fatigue(neck massager)
The massager can eliminate fatigue, aiming at various physical discomfort: general fatigue, neurasthenia, low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, leg pain, etc.; fatigue is a one-sided discomfort, but objectively, it will lose its normal activities or working ability under the same conditions. The massager eliminates fatigue caused by strenuous exercise and relaxes muscles.

4、 Eliminate the pain caused by falling pillow(neck massager)
The common incidence of pillow falling is that there is no manifestation before falling asleep, but after getting up in the morning, you feel significant pain in the neck and back and limited neck activity. This shows that the disease starts after sleeping and is closely related to sleeping pillow and sleeping posture. The massager can eliminate the shoulder spasm caused by sleeping and pillow.

5、 Improve blood circulation:
The massager can promote blood circulation and metabolism, so as to improve sleep, make the brain get sufficient oxygen, and make you refreshed and clear; According to the traditional meridian theory, absorb the essence of Taiji, qigong and other regimens, and breathe abdominal breathing into it. Eliminate the pain caused by poor blood circulation all year round.

6、 Infrared hyperthermia:
Large area infrared hyperthermia. It is to use high-frequency or ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic field effect on the human body to generate heat, reduce inflammation, swelling, relieve pain and improve blood circulation.
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