Manual Neck Massager - Purchase Point


Manual neck massager - purchase point
1. Generally, it should be purchased according to the purpose. For example, the selective hand-made soft tap cervical massager is selected by the general beauty care, and special medical or exercise should be selected, and the strong and variable cervical massager should be better.
2. If you often carry the neck massager, a lightweight portable cervical massager should be selected.
3, the structure of the neck massager must be convenient to clean, add lubricant and other maintenance. 4, noise high, there is no standard, even if there is a statement, how many decibels are measured, the average person can easily judge whether it is required, the massager can be opened when purchasing, listening to noise, if the sound is not If you are too harsh, it is not a problem. If the sound is too large, it is very disadvantageous to treatment.
5, strong and variable cervical massager, massage adjustment is easy. Strong location has obvious high-strength massage, weak positions must be soft.
6, the neck massager itself should be beautiful, complete and lossless, the hand is good, it is not easy to slip, and should have a variety of massage heads suitable for different massage parts, for example, cylindrical massage head, dish massage head, board Shape press, round spherical massage head, flared massage head and hair brush massage head, etc.
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