Fascia Massage Gun


The fascia massage gun, full-warmed muscle fascia, relax, massage gun (English name Fascia Gun), used for high-frequency impact treatment of the fascia relaxation.

When fitness or exercise, the sympathetic nerve is exactly exciting, causing muscles in static or too nervous, generating fascia adhesions, thus affecting recovery growth.

When the fascia is adhesive or damaged, the body often occurs a lot of discomfort: the muscles are stiff, hard, tap, local skin temperature, moisture; muscle tissue, no elasticity, decrease, depression, deep, muscle deep There are irregular blocks or rigid tissues between bones.
This is a manner that protects muscles and is also hindering muscle recovery protection mechanisms, especially some deep muscles, it is difficult to be hindered by foam axes or vibration foam axes.

Therefore, it is necessary to release these additional excitations through the fascia, so that the above problems are resolved and eased. Dynamic stretching before training, static stretching after training, making muscles and joints better and safe. Compared to our daily use of foam shaft, the fascia massage gun is more deep and precise to relax in muscle and fascia.

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