The Number of Shocks of the Fascia Massage Gun


The fascia massage gun in the US MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL professional team, European football club team, European and American professional athletes, US Navy Marine Team, IFB professional bodybuilder, sports enthusiasts are used in sports enthusiasts. From Nermal to Durant to James to Griffin, it is the support of the product.

The fascia massage gun produces 2000-3000 vibrations per minute, shocks the body's target site to help muscle soft tissue relax and promotes blood circulation. At the same time, the human body has a large amount of creatine produced by the fatigue caused by exercise, work, and life, has a very good role in relieving body fatigue; its high-frequency oscillation can direct the skeletal muscle in a deep layer, so that the skeletal muscle is relaxed. Meridian neuropathy lives.

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