Advantages of Ifetch Dog Ball Launcher


Ifetch Dog Ball Launcher is a small or medium-sized pet dog game device. The dog can play happily by IFETCH; with the huge success after the Ifetch Dog Ball Launcher is launched, the company is hot, the company is hot, followed by IFetchtoo. This time, the target user of IFetchtoo is a large dog.
IFetchtoo can transmit standard-sized tennis, and throwing distance can be 10, 24 or 40 feet (3,7.3 or 12 meters). IFetchtoo can also throw other types of dog toy balls, as long as the size of this toy ball is consistent with standard tennis size, that is, between 2.4-2.8 inches (6.1-7.1 cm). The IFETCHTOO spherical throwing station height is 12.4 feet (31.5 cm).

Ifetch Dog Ball Launcher built-in rechargeable battery without replacing the battery. This device is not afraid that there is no electricity in use, because it only applies when the ball is loaded into the machine, once the ball is automatically powered off, so the battery life is lasting.

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