Fascia Massage Gun Can Improve Sympathetic Neuroception


Relaxation can be effectively combed in the film

Let the "balloon" muscle film is stretched, obtain the possibility of extending, so they will not die of muscles and affect muscle activities, and reduce muscle friction, have very good joint activity and muscle ductility. Big help.

The Fascia Massage Gun can enhance sympathetic neurons: allowing muscles more easy to enter the working condition. Imagine that you are working hard for hips or vermouth lines, but your brain is not able to communicate with hip muscles or abdominal muscles, how do you guarantee the training effect? Do you rely on the coach?

The Fascia Massage Gun can avoid "too strong: When the training is completed, the sympathetic nerves will exhalize, causing muscles to remain too nervous when static, affecting the restoration growth, or let the girl feel" it is too strong ". The membrane relaxed to release these additional excitations, allowing the above problems to solve and relieve.

The muscles are more full, the muscle lines are more completed: after the Fascia Massage Gun training is completed, the muscle fiber has achieved a good shrinkage experience. When the better muscle form, such as boys hope that the muscles are more full, the girl hopes that the muscle lines are more difficult, at this time It needs to be achieved by stretching. Dynamic stretching before training, static stretching after training, making muscles and joints better and safe.
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