The best muscles massage gun with heating therapy


SKG group is the biggest factory and manufacturing in developing and manufacturing lifestyle portable massager and others healthcare products, our main products are FDA 510K TENS neck massager, EMS neck massager, eye care massager, innovative neck and shoulder massager, muscles massage gun etc, we can sell more than 4 million of our products per year, domain more than 70% of market sale in China, registered 1,000+ patents for our designs, top 1 manufacturing quality, most advanced technology in market, we always lead the trend and technology in this field.

Our F5 muscles massage gun is top 1 seller products in Chinese market, and become more and more famous in overseas markets, F5 facial massage gun is 1st massage gun designed with heating of 3 levels at bottom, different outlooks from traditional muscles massage gun, it’s more lifestyle meet young people’s needs.

CNN underscored: work out any tensions from the day and transition from co-workers back to romantic partners or friends with this deep tissue massage gun.

WIRED: if you’re ever soaked your sore muscles in a hot bath or wrapped up in a heating pad, you know heat can be extremely soothing, and it’s nice to have it included in a affordable muscles massage gun.

Bustle: The SKG F5, which offers the standard muscle tension-relieving massage function, but with the added perk of heat therapy.

Esquice: The best heated massage gun: The SKG F5 drums on those muscles for you, Phil Colins style, but it also heats them up and that feels great.

MEN’S JOURNAL: SKG F5 has gained plenty of buzz with its unique heated handle to help, quite literally, warm up your muscles.

Purewow: best for massage lovers, this genius design includes a handle that has a heated base to rub against your sore muscles, then a vibrating gun with three interchangeable heads that you can work into said muscles.
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