The selection of the neck massager


Shape of the neck massager: it can fit perfectly with the human neck and play a good supporting role for the neck. Household needs to be selected according to the gap between the seat or sofa and the neck of the human body; The car seat needs to be selected according to the structure of the car seat. General furniture massage neck pillow is better in U shape, while car seat is suitable in three-dimensional triangular bone pillow. Like the three-dimensional triangular bone pillow of the new family, it belongs to this category.

Material of the neck massager: the skin of the neck is very delicate, so the selection of material is also exquisite. The fabric is mainly soft and comfortable flannelette, and the internal filling should be made of soft, slightly elastic and good bearing capacity materials such as memory cotton and latex cotton.

Function of the neck massger: the neck is a special part. Kneading feels better, but it is difficult to control the strength, which may lead to injury. Pulse and vibration are realized by micro motor, which is somewhat noisy, but relatively safe.

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