As the biggest and leading company in developing and manufacturing healthcare product to solve most people’s concern about their health problems, we always engage ourselves in new technology to make our design to be unique, easy-to-be-used, and lifestyle in market.

Lots of people are suffering from eye stress, dark eyes circles, and blurred vision because of long time working, sleep so late, playing with smart phone and watching TV.

We’re already leading in portable and wearable massager, we could sell more than 4 million sets of our products in market, we always lead the technology and design in this field.
New K5 eye massager is total new design from traditional air compression and vibration eye massager, it has 12 Nano vibration massage stands covers the perimeter of eye and temples points, point to point precise massage to exercise eyes.
18 types of massage realized by tungsten alloy micro vibration motors, 9000 times/min of speed, 200,000 times of lifetime, massage stands is made of food grade soft silicone materials, include 4 special Nano massage stand with instant heating in 3s.
Selt adaptable massage stands on temple points can match different size of head, 360 degree rotating design to relax temple points, massage with relaxing music.

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