Let's introduce the neck massager


The neck massager can promote the blood circulation of the neck through the massage of vibration or beating, and alleviate the discomfort of the neck caused by maintaining a fixed posture for a long time, so as to alleviate fatigue and effectively prevent cervical spondylosis.

The neck massager is different from the cervical massager. The neck massager refers to the neck pillow products specially for neck massage, and the cervical massager includes all kinds of massagers beneficial to the cervical spine, such as Shoulder Massager, back massager and so on.

Neck massager is suitable for people:

1. Sedentary office workers and computer workers;

2. Teachers or students who work or study at their desks for a long time;

3. Drivers who need to drive for a long time, such as drivers;

4. Specific occupations requiring long-term low head operation, such as handicrafts, sculpture and writing.

People forbidden to use neck massager:

1. Patients with neck trauma and incomplete recovery;

2. Neck pain caused by neurogenic cervical spondylosis;

3. Because there is inevitably a certain degree of noise, neurasthenia can not be used, which may lead to symptoms such as irritability and syncope.
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