As the biggest and leading company in developing and manufacturing healthcare product to solve most people’s concern about their cervical problems, we almost engage ourselves in new technology to make our design to be unique, easy-to-be-used, and lifestyle in market.

As we know billion of people is suffering neck pain, insomnia, headache, shoulder sores, and arm weakness etc caused by cervical problems, and these people become younger and younger because of addictive to play with smart phone, video game and watching TV for long time.

We’re already leading in TENS&EMS pulse neck massager, we could sell more than 3 million sets of pulse neck massager in market, we planed to develop a total new neck massager different from pulse neck massager and traditional shiatsu neck and shoulder massager.

New P7 neck massager designed with 2 big rotating massage metal claws moving as programmed, combine with red light therapy.

It’s powered by 2 powerful motor, 2 metal massage claws can be heated up and apply on skin, 12 protruded domes on 2 claws, grabbed the handle of massager to move up and down in order to relax neck places you want, red light therapy by 8 lights in 630 nm wave length, and 4 lights in 850nm and 940nm wave length, we named it Mixheat light therapy.

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