APPLE issued world 1st smart phone on Juan 9th 2007, the whole world was leaded to different era of trend, people became phubber, addictive to play with their smart phone, but they did not notice their cervical problem.
We spent long time in investigating and researching a phubber how would cause a cervical problem:
1.Cause cervical strain, when we lower our head to play with smart phone for long time, body would not bend naturally, neck would lower further and further, which would stretch the neck to cause hyperemia for long time, then cervical strain happens.
2.Speed up cervical disfunction. Lower head for long time would stretch neck muscles, tighten the muscles and ligamenta, probably oppress blood circulation, and then cause cervical disfunction.

SKG K5 neck massager adopt both TENS and EMS pulse technology, stimulating never system to produce Morphine Peptide and activate sporting fibers, training muscles’ strength to improve cervical blood circulation and partial metabolism, relax cervical muscles to release strains, 3 levels of heating therapy to improve neck pains and stiffness.

Traditional mechanical massage only affect surface of body, TENS and EMS pulse technology can affect from nerve, blood to deep muscles, reach to deep tensile of neck, release pain, stiffness, make you feel all nerve cell is stretching and relaxing, mate with heating therapy to improve blood circulation feel like a heating towel on neck.