As the biggest TENS neck massager factory manufacturer, we always lead the trend and provide latest and most advanced technology and top 1 quality to ten millions of customers per year, improve people’s life quality by technology.

4 new features lead the technology on K5PRO 2022 version:
1.AI cervical health management
2.Combined with Medium frequency vibration
3.Magnetic soft massage electrodes
4.Red light energy heating therapy

With 4 kgs of head lower by 45 degree for most of day time to play video game,browse TIKTOK, watch TV would cause most of cervical problems, not just happens on elders, more and more young people are suffering cervical problems.

2 shining colors to offer more options for our customers:

Test our new TENS NECK MASSAGER, and train your neck to recover it.
1.Medium frequency and 10 times of energy. Medium frequency pulse can stimulate deeply in muscles to stretch and shrink automatically, in order to train muscles tissues, 10 times of efficiency than normal low frequency pulse technology.
2.Medium frequency and vibration. Combination of medium frequency and 2D physical vibration brings feelings of natural finger massage.
3.Magnetic soft massage electrodes. work with natural essence to reach the best effect, natural essence provides the best conductivity between pulse and skin. 
4.Red light heating therapy. 630 nm red light heating can penetrate into deep muscles with the right wave to have the effective heating therapy.
5.Super light weighted design. It’s only 104g, no feel of burden on neck, easy to carry it when traveling, take care of your neck where ever you’re.
6.It’s rechargeable. Assembled with 1000 mAh of battery.
7.9 adjustable massage strength.
8.3 heating levels for your options.
9.Voice report when you press a button.
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