Massage chair is a new highlight of humanity and creativity in the community


With the progress of society, people pay more and more attention to the enjoyment of life, and health and nursing home appliances are becoming more and more popular. Smelling this business opportunity, enterprises have stepped into the field of health appliances. At present, almost all enterprises have health products, and more than 90% of the household electrical appliances sold on the market have different health care functions. Home appliance industry experts firmly believe that health care home appliances will become a new gold mine after small home appliances and water home appliances. Massage chairs and other health appliances will become new profit points for enterprises.

According to "what can I give my elders during the Spring Festival?" According to the results of a market research, massage chairs have become the most popular product among a wide range of commodities. With the fast pace of work and life, massage chair has also become a health care product that white-collar workers are keen on. China's elderly over the age of 60 will increase from 178 million to 221 million, and the proportion of the elderly population will increase from 13.3% to 16%. The accelerated process of population aging and the gradual expansion of the aging rate will further heat up the health home appliance industry.

Nanfeng exhibition hall adds a massage chair area to highlight the humanized service purpose of the exhibition. The health appliance industry is a very large industry, in which the massage chair field breeds greater business opportunities. According to the results of the visit of the organizers of the home appliance electronics and lighting exhibition (CAEF) to massage chair manufacturers in the same period of the Canton Fair, at present, there is no professional and influential exhibition in the industry that has become a short board for the exhibition publicity and promotion of enterprises. After capturing this detail in time, the organizers of the home appliances, electronics and lighting exhibition in the same period of the Canton Fair took action and made a new move - adding a massage chair area in the VIP lounge area of Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. Humanization is not a creative exhibition feature. Becoming a new highlight of the exhibition will add a lot to the home appliance electronics and lighting exhibition in the same period of the Canton Fair.

In the same period of the Canton Fair, the home appliance electronics and lighting exhibition has been providing humanized services throughout the whole service period of the exhibition. The initiative of adding massage chairs in the VIP lounge has been supported by the massage chair manufacturers visited and contacted. They said that they will bring massage chairs and other health care products to the exhibition or come to the exhibition site at that time. At that time, massage chairs will be arranged in the VIP lounge for buyers to rest during the exhibition. From April 15 to 18, Nanfeng exhibition hall will gather more than 5000 overseas buyers. Zero distance visit and personal experience will be the most favorable publicity and promotion for the enterprise.

At that time, the massage area of the exhibition will be a multi-functional platform integrating experience, communication, learning and procurement. The so-called "health appliances" can be divided into three categories: first, home appliances that can remove adverse factors to health, the core of which is "disinfection", "sterilization" and "purification", such as catalyst air conditioner, ozone washing machine, antibacterial refrigerator, air purifier and water purifier; Second, household appliances that can help maintain health, the core of which is to realize "energy conservation and emission reduction" and "green environmental protection", such as soybean milk machine, juicer, purple clay pot, etc; Third, household oxygen generator, ventilator, tooth washing machine, physiotherapy instrument and massage chair with "treatment" and "health care" as the core functions. Who is the first producer or developer of products or technologies in an industry? In a sense, it means that the enterprise will be the wind vane of an industry and the big winner with the most gold diggers. At that time, in the same period of the Canton Fair, Nanfeng exhibition hall of home appliances, electronics and lighting will stage a rehearsal competition in the fields related to the enclosure of enterprises in home appliances, consumer electronics and lighting industry, so as to demonstrate their ownership in this field through the latest products or technologies.
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