Why is the gun so hot?


In the past two years, fascia gun has become a net red product. There are many people. Whether buying fascia gun is paying IQ tax or not needs to be clarified. Fascia gun is not IQ tax. In fact, it is a civilian version of medical grade sports rehabilitation equipment;

The earliest fascia gun was used as a medical tool. Its whole process was an electric muscle vibrator, which was used by professional athletes such as James and Lin Shuhao. At present, many rehabilitation doctors will also guide patients to use household grade fascia gun at home. Some patients often have cramps after fracture. The doctor will suggest them to buy a fascia gun to massage plantar fascia and anterior tibial muscle.

The use of fascia gun for massage is entirely a dimensionality reduction blow. You can imagine that the products used for professional athletes must be more objective, professional and more cautious. Why not buy more professional products for the same money. Moreover, when facing the computer and more and more bow heads for a long time, if the posture is improper for a long time, it is inevitable to have waist and leg pain. Shoot with professional fascia, relax the tight muscles and promote blood circulation. Isn't it fragrant?

Taking advantage of his position, Xiaobian has tried to use many fascia gun products, from 300 to 4000. After trying, he feels that the cheap ones may not be very poor, but the expensive ones must be very good. Fascia gun is not complicated, so it's OK to choose the one with higher price within your own bearing range;

Xiaobian has some sports foundation, so he often carries out mountaineering and outdoor sports. The fascia gun used is mainly massage. The experience is that the fascia gun at the price of 800 ~ 1800 is more used. Xiaobian's own product is the product of HONO. In addition to the appropriate price, there are more important reasons:

From the literal data and personal experience, it is very sufficient, and the cost performance is still considerable in the industry. In fact, the sales volume of star products in the whole network is very high, and the quality control is relatively guaranteed.

If the user needs to choose a fascia gun, there is a very important standard, that is to see whether it uses a brushless motor. To put it simply, it is a massager with a handle that can vibrate. A large part of the core technology is on the motor. The products with confidence can write the "brushless motor" on the details of the goods. The strength reorganization of the brushless motor can stimulate the fascia in depth, And its noise is also smaller;

Some cheaper products are not suitable for brushless motors. They are not strong enough to touch the muscle fascia at all, so they can not achieve the effect of fascia massage. What's more, they can't be modified by curve saw magic, but they are not involved by the human body. The strength and vibration frequency of their functions can't be verified, and the safety and product quality can't be guaranteed. Imagine, do you use the motor for sawing steel and wood?

The fascia gun is a brushless motor with higher cost and better safety performance. The products have a variety of vibration gear modes. The strength and vibration frequency have been studied through a large number of experiments to ensure that it is safe to be used on the human body. It can achieve 1800 ~ 3600 blows per minute, and the force of each blow is just right. In this way, it can hit and press the fascia at a uniform speed and effectively, It is more effective and time-saving than masseur or other tools, and can accurately stimulate the target part;

In addition to the vibration frequency, the strength can go deep into the 12mm deep muscle group, which is also what Xiaobian pays more attention to. People who have massaged know that the more strength the masseur uses, the more comfortable he is after pressing. Whether the strength can go deep into the muscle group is very important, and the 12mm deep massage can have a more effective massage effect on the body.

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