As the biggest and leading company in developing and manufacturing healthcare product to solve most people’s concern about their health problems, we always engage ourselves in new technology to make our design to be unique, easy-to-be-used, and lifestyle in market.

Lots of people are suffering from neck and shoulder stress after long time working, playing with smart phone, video game and watching TV.

We’re already leading in portable and wearable massager, we could sell more than 4 million sets of our products in market, we always lead the technology and design in this field.
The new H7 neck and shoulder massager is most innovative design in market, 6 major design advantages:
1.Deeply relax neck and shoulder at same time.
2.Push and squeeze muscles powerfully.
3.Red light heating therapy
4.Precise gearing motion system massage like real human hand.
5.Metal smooth massage head, feel no grabbing and tearing on skin.
6.It’s wearable, free your hands.
Four massage claws like real fingers to relax neck and shoulder by programmed massage mode, topper 2 massage claws can fit and nip in neck muscles, bottom 2 massage claws like 2 palms to push shoulder muscles. Plus with red light heating therapy in 630 nm can penetrate muscles deep in 10 mm by 8 red light beads, instant heating in 5s, 4 levels heating.

The new H7 neck and shoulder massager can be used in different way, it can relax any place of body feel painful.

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